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I have had these antler tips for over a year, and I was never really sure what I wanted to do with them. They were on this really tacky necklace I found at a thrift store, but I took them off and I’ve been keeping them until I thought of a good use for them! I finally decided I would paint them and make individual necklaces to give to some of my friends.


What you’ll need:
+ Antler tips with 1/4in hole drilled in the top. [You can buy antler tips online with holes already drilled in them!]
+ leather chord/string
+ acrylic paint & brushes
+ Matte Finish spray paint

First, paint the tips with the acrylic paint. I chose to use a variation of pastels & chevron patterns. The neon yellow didn’t work out so well, which was a bummer; it dried too clear! I recommend sticking with more matte opaque colors. The dark antlers, like the ones I used are pretty bumpy so you have to go slow & be sure to fill the grooves to give the illusion of a nice straight line. Next, once they are dry, give them a coat or two of the matte finish clear coat. That’ll keep the paint from chipping. Wait a couple hours before finally stringing the leather through!


I’m definitely going to order some & make more. I’d like to make some with the white tail deer antler tips, and the claw tines. I also think I’ll use a little gold to add some shine!

// Laura Jude //

I looove pastels, no matter what time of year it is! Look, even my tattoo matched my outfit. ;]  Pastels are a great way to bring some color & fun to your day even if the weather is dreary and grey. [rhyme unintentional lol]

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This necklace is my faaavorite, but I couldn’t find it in this color online for you! has it in a bunch of other colors, though, and I highly recommend it. I want to buy them all!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!

// Laura Jude //

I have really been digging long-sleeve dresses this Fall. Especially mini dresses. Especially when they have collars & cuffs. Long-sleeve dresses are perfect for November, as we transition from Autumn to Winter. I’ve compiled a group of some of my favorites here for you! My personal favs are the tan Asos dress with leather collar & cuffs + studded collar detail [4], and the lilac dress from Romwe [7]. I’m a sucker for a good collar detail! <33


Which one do you need for your Autumn-Winter wardrobe?!

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