Okay, so this really isn’t much of a “travel” post, seeing as Belle Isle is in Detroit [only 30 minutes from my house], but it is a fun place to go see! I’d never been to Belle Isle before, and it was a really cool place. I honestly didn’t even know what was there. It used to be a full fledged zoo, but like most of Detroit, its beautiful old buildings were abandoned. Most of the island had a real eerie/cool post-apocalyptic feel to it. Recently, however, people have been working to revive this once thriving Detroit landmark. The Belle Isle Aquarium was recently reopened and my boyfriend and I went to see it! Unfortunately, the battery on my real camera was dead [whoops, great planning Laura!], so I just have these iPhone & instax pics. BUT I’m definitely planning to go back so I can better document this awesome place soon!


There’s also a conservatory on Belle Isle. This was my favorite part! Conservatories are an awesome place to visit when it’s cold outside. It’s great to go see some green trees and feel the warm tropical climate during the winter.

conservatory belleisle001  belleisle007belleisle003belleisle005belleisle004

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