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I love giving personalized/handmade gifts. This year for Christmas I was kind of struggling for an easy/inexpensive personalized gift to give to my boyfriend. He’d been looking for good pocket notebooks to carry around with him to jot down ideas, so I found these small Moleskine notebooks at Target I knew would be perfect. Now, I knew he would appreciate these just as is, but me being me, I decided I needed to take them up a notch. I decorated these notebooks with short quotes from a few of our favorite nerdy TV shows, but you could use any quotes or phrases!


+ notebooks
+ pencil
+ ruler
+ acrylic paint
+ paint brush
+ a good eraser!

First, come up with your quotes. I chose really short phrases so I could have one word per line. Once you have your phrase chosen, measure the height of your journal, or space you want the quote to take up vertically, and divide that by the number of words in your phrase. Use a pencil to draw lines to use as guides, you can erase these later.


Next, figure out how wide your letters need to be, and draw lines for those. If you have all really short words, like this Firefly quote, you can just choose a width you think looks nice, and mark it out. If you have longer words, like I had in my X-Files quote, divide the width of the journal, or width you want your word to take up horizontally, by the number of letters in your longest word. Make that the measurement for the width of every letter in your phrase. Once you have your measurements, create a grid using pencil. When you paint on your phrase, make each letter fill its space on the grid completely. I used tan acrylic paint I had left over from the Antler Tip Necklaces I’d recently made.

Once your paint has dried completely, you can just go over the whole thing with your eraser to get rid of all the pencil! If you have a light color like I did, you may end up needing to touch up a few places where the pencil shows through the paint.


I hope these directions aren’t too confusing! I wasn’t initially planning on posting these, so I didn’t take pics through my process, but I’m confident you can figure it out! Or you could always just wing it! ;]

// Laura Jude //

I love making treats for people as Christmas gifts. This year I decided to make truffles to give to my boyfriend’s family.


I made two different kinds: Dark Chocolate Nutella & White Chocolate Egg Nog. I liked the idea of having one white chocolate, and one dark chocolate to counter balance the super sweetness of the white chocolate.

First, I made the Dark Chocolate Nutella Truffles.
I followed this recipe, but I used all dark chocolate instead of using white chocolate for the coating. Then, I drizzled white chocolate over them for a fancy touch! :]

Next, I made the White Chocolate Egg Nog Truffles.
For these, I followed this recipe.

These were both pretty easy to make. The only tricky part is keeping the chocolate coating at the perfect temp. while you’re dipping them. If it’s too hot, or not hot enough, the chocolate will get lumpy. I also recommend putting the egg nog truffles in the freezer to stiffen up while you melt the coating. This makes them a lot easier to handle when you’re dipping them.

This was the first time I ever made truffles, and they turned out beautifully. PLUS they are both way tastey. They make a great gift because they look fancy & difficult, but they are actually pretty painless and fun to make!


Merry Christmas!

// Laura Jude //

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