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Today is my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend [ ❤ ! ] So, I took the opportunity to dress up and take some cute outfit photos!


HIS: sweater & shirt//H&M, pants//UO, shoes//thrifted
HERS: dress & tights//F21, Shoes

I cannot tell you how happy I am with this shoe purchase! These shoes were SO cheap and got to my house in 2 days AND the quality is actually pretty good! Absolutely better than I was expecting from a pair of pumps that cost less than $20. AND they are totally comfy.

We had an awesome day in Detroit going to the Belle Isle Aquarium & Conservatory. I’ll post some pics from that later this week!


// Laura Jude //

Hey guys, I hope you all voted yesterday! I did! And this is what I wore when I did it:

jacket+top //F21, skirt+scarf//UO, necklace//grandma’s, shoes//Chelsea Crew [Bella Mia]

I spent the rest of my day in Detroit with Ella Swenson, the founder of Ella Sven. Here’s what she wore:

Ella is a wonderful & driven lady who just launched her online shop. You should go check it out for. sure. You can definitely expect an interview with her sometime in the near future!

We toured an awesome old building full of unique studio spaces. After our tour, we got dinner at The Green Dot. I should have taken some pictures there, but I was way too busy scarfing down the amazing food — deeelicous gourmet-style American comfort food [meat, veg & vegan options!]. I highly recommend it if you are in the Detroit area! The best part about it is you can basically try everything you want because it’s SUPER inexpensive and portions are small. I tried the truffle & herb fries, black bean + avocado slider, mac n cheese, hummus & rosemary pita, and the Nutella/Fluff Smore for dessert. Let me tell you, they were all flawless, my mouth is watering now just writing about it! I’m dying to go back, and when I do, I’ll definitely share some pictures. :]

//Laura Jude//

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