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The other day I stumbled upon this recipe on pinterest and I decided to make it that evening, because it looked sooo good. Normally when posting a recipe from another website or blog I would tell you what I’d change next time or do differently from the original recipe, but this was really great as is.  IMG_1509

So the only labor intensive part of this is making the honey sage syrup, but it really didn’t take that much time. Next time I make this I’m going to make a ton of this syrup because it disappeared so fast!


The original recipe recommends a bacon honey rim on the drink, which sounds pretty interesting but I obviously skipped this step!



Enjoy your middle-of-the-week cocktail!

Last week I went to a coffee ladies cocktail night and enjoyed some great conversation, gossip and delicious coffee cocktails! I quickly learned that my cocktail is not a cocktail, but instead a mix drink, because there is only one kind of booze in it (oops!). Either way, I thought it was super tasty, so I recreated it for photographing purposes so I could share it with y’all! Image

Mix together:

-2 parts red wine, I liked using a Malbec

-1 part cold brewed coffee, I used a chemex’d Rigoberto Pas Honduras roasted by Uncommon Grounds

-Orange zest and a little juice. I used a little additional orange for garnish.

-Cane sugar


Mix together all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously to form a nice frothy layer. Serve in a wine glass or a highball glass, and enjoy a little caffeine with your wine!

It’s crazy what combinations of things can taste good together (peanut butter and cucumber, anyone?). I stumbled upon a cocktail recipe recently that sounded up my alley, but when I went to grab supplies I couldn’t find a few of the key ingredients. This recipe is what I ended up with instead. When I left the grocery store my thought was honestly that I probably should have just scrapped the whole idea and come up with something completely new instead of using half of the right ingredients. But let me tell you, this turned out REALLY good, a great level of sweet and tart.

Mix together:

-1 part New Holland Gin (or equivalent, having quality gin is really key though)

-2 parts ginger ale or ginger beer (I used Reed’s Premium)

-Chunk of orange, squeezed

-Mint, muddled with ice


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