I find myself often checking out plane tickets online whenever things in my life start feeling stale and boring. People always are telling me they can’t afford to travel, but hey! Neither can I and it’s not stopping me! This is something me and my boyfriend Michael talk about a lot. Saving money is obviously a good idea, but spending your youth being super fiscally responsible and not going on any adventures is a waste of life! And honestly, if you visit travel sites on a regular basis you can get pretty good at finding super cheap tickets.

For the second time this year we decided for go on a little trip to California. We met up with friends out there who commented on how they never have visited a lot of the top vacation-y things around them because anytime they get to take a vacation, their first thought probably isn’t “Hey, lets check out some California attractions!” But why not? If you can’t afford a plane ticket (I usually can’t) then take a mini vacation in your own home city or state!

Here are some pictures of a few of the great things we did on our short but wonderful vacation.


I am incredibly spoiled to have a pilot-boyfriend who sometimes takes me up in little planes. We took a little trip-within-a-trip from Fresno to Lancaster. Lancaster isn’t really a super hoppin’ town, but the flight down through the mountains was beautiful! Above is a pictures from our plane.

We spent a day doing a bunch of touristy things in San Francisco, which was super fun. I normally reject the typical tourist spots on principle, but being a tourist can be fun! We got irish coffee from Buena Vista, a bar that supposedly created the “original” irish coffee. Was it really the original? Don’t care. The cranky old waitresses and super swanky bartenders (white suit coats and matching white mustaches) were a nice touch.IMG_1325
The pictures above and below are from Pier 39, arguably one of the most obnoxiously touristy parts of the city. But man! Just look at how cute and stupid-looking these seals are. I loved it. IMG_1324
On our last day in California we drove from Fresno to Sequoia. Even the drive through the mountains was amazing. We didn’t have tons of time, but running around in the forest for a few minutes before heading home was refreshing and beautiful.
This last picture is from the drive back to Fresno from Sequoia. The hazy mountains had a really etherial glow at dusk. Everything was soft and pink and the air was crisp and cool.