Lately I’ve been really into the idea of homemade beauty products. I buy a lot of shower-stuff from Lush, and I guess the fact that it’s all handmade has inspired me to do a little DIY. I saw a few different scrub recipes and decided to sort of wing it, so heres what I did!


The ingredients I used, as you can see here, were: coffee (course ground), sesame oil, epsom salt, ylang ylang oil, and peppermint oil. You can also use used coffee grounds if you don’t have a crazy coffee abundance like I do.

The basic idea is you mix even parts ground coffee and epsom salt, and then add oil until it makes a paste. I started with sesame oil, but I would not reccomend it. Something about the smell of sesame oil and coffee really grossed me out.. part way through the process I switched to some extra virgin olive oil. I would definitely just use olive oil (or any mild smelling oil) in the future, I really didn’t like the overwhelming smell of the sesame oil (though I do love it for cooking). I added ylang ylang and peppermint for aromatherapy purposes. Peppermint oil also soothes sore muscles (I use it sometimes for back/shoulder pain) so it’s a good thing to use for that reason. These were all ingredients I had on hand, but I would have rather used lavender than the ylang ylang, but I’m all out right now.IMG_1625

The finished result is AMAZINGLY moisturizing and skin-softening. This was no surprise though, as I can remember my co-workings and I rubbing our hands in coffee grounds back when I worked at Lab Cafe. Coffee is a great exfoliant, as long as you don’t mind absorbing a little¬†caffeine¬†through your skin!


So I would definitely make this again, but I would do it a little differently. I think the ratio of 50/50 coffee/epsom is totally great, but I would use a mild olive oil (or maybe even grapeseed), with rose, lavender, and peppermint extracts. I think that would produce a much nicer smelling result without compromising any of the positive traits of this scrub.

// Megan //


!EDIT! Apparently toasted sesame oil and untoasted sesame oil are seriously different things with seriously different smells. I used toasted in the above recipe which is probably why I really disliked it. Who knew!